Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous retail or franchising experience to become a Casevoke franchisee?

Absolutely not! A Casevoke franchise is designed to be an easily manageable business opportunity for those with or without prior franchising experience.

Is Casevoke offering single and multi-unit franchise opportunities?

Yes, we are offering both. The financial requirements will be greater for a multi-unit or Area Development agreement.

Does Casevoke provide financing for franchise development?

No. The franchisee must meet the minimum capital requirements, then secure the necessary financing.

What are Casevoke’s fees?

For a full Casevoke franchise, the royalty fee is 5% of gross sales, and there is currently no advertising fee. Please contact us for specific fees associated with the Casevoke Express™ program.

Does Casevoke purchase real estate or negotiate leases on behalf of franchisees?

No. The franchisee is responsible for purchasing or leasing the property.

Will I have a protected territory?

Yes, for a full Casevoke franchise. This will be outlined in your Franchise Agreement when a site is secured.

How long does it take to open a Casevoke from the time I am granted a franchise agreement?

The typical range is 30-90 days.

What training does the franchisee need to complete prior to opening a Casevoke?

For a full Casevoke franchise, we require that Casevoke franchisees and managers attend (3) days of training at our corporate office, or be present during the (3) days of on-site training during your location’s setup. For the Casevoke Express™ program, no training is required, but courses are available and recommended.

How much profit can I expect from a Casevoke™ franchise?

Profitability of your Casevoke franchise depends on many factors, including owner involvement, marketing efforts, brand execution, cost control and local, regional and general economic conditions. Operational costs including lease, labor costs including management effectiveness, and supply items will influence your profitability as well.

What is the next step?

Great to hear! Click here to complete the online application so that we can learn a little more about you. Once we receive your application, one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible so that we can move forward.

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