Why choose a Casevoke franchise?

The Casevoke Design Software

Casevoke’s Technology Team has spent over 2 years developing a complete software solution which solves problems that have plagued the concept of in-store product personalization since its inception.

By using a step-by-step, guided process, Casevoke’s proprietary design software walks each customer through a simplified, user-friendly design experience. By empowering the customer to design and personalize their own products, Casevoke has achieved near autonomy in an industry that typically requires extensive customer to employee communication and highly-skilled labor.

By removing the need for skilled graphic artists proficient in traditional advanced design software, Casevoke possesses the ability to scale quickly and effectively with minimal training required.

Opportunity: Big or Small

Whether you are a highly-experienced franchisee interested in multi-unit ownership, or an owner-operator in search of a new business opportunity, Casevoke provides an excellent platform for potential success.

Casevoke offers opportunity in one of the most affordable and attainable franchise categories. By reducing initial franchise fees as efficiently as possible, Casevoke is poised to achieve rapid growth that produces value for all affiliated parties.

Untapped Potential

The cost of opening a Casevoke is low when compared to other franchise opportunities in its category. Consumers are buying Casevoke products. The Casevoke concept is fresh, and perceived value is high.

Growing Markets

Smartphones and tablets are replacing computers at an accelerating rate, and as the cost of personal electronics increases, consumers are spending more money to protect their investments.

Unprecedented Value

Consumers are typically willing to spend more money on personalized products. With Casevoke providing its customers the ability to design and print their own personalized case on the spot, A Casevoke franchise is an incredible value proposition that simply hasn’t been possible until now.

Healthy Profit Margins

Casevoke Franchisees enjoy healthy profit margins with product markups of up to 700%. Product cost is minimized, allowing franchisees plenty of room to make the most of each sale.

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